Thursday, 26 February 2009

Whoo-hoo Whoopers!

I love Whooper Swans, so when I got a call from Phil telling me he'd found four in with our wintering flock of Mutes just north of Axmouth I rushed out there to see them. I had to be at work in less than half an hour though so it would have to be a real quickie. I arrived on the scene, set up my scope, enjoyed lovely views of the swans and had a chat with Phil, all in a relaxed and leisurely manner. I took out my camera for the obligatory photos, held it up to the eyepiece and it said "BATTERY" I hate it when it does that!! I wasn't going to be denied though, so I rushed home to get my emergency reserve camera. The clutch is dying on my car, so in my haste I ground and crunched my way through the gears as I drove off. To all those who witnessed this, it really was all the clutch's fault and nothing to do with my driving ability! ;-)

Anyway in the three or four minutes I had when I got back, I took a few snaps and a short video thus:

All four Whoopers

A closer view of two and a half of them.

And a video although they didn't exactly do much.

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