Thursday, 26 February 2009

Local Patch Featured on TV

Remember my post from a few weeks ago called 'Ringing with a Twist? ' (if not see it HERE) Well the results of that day's filming were screened last night on the southwest region's version of the program Inside Out. I managed to stay well out of shot, (or they chose to keep me well out of shot!) but if you have eyesight better than the average Peregrine, then you may just spot about 1/8th of my trademark hat for one millionth of a nanosecond. My advice therefore is don't even try! Great performances from Mike, Fraser and Chris Packham of course! :-)
Even if you don't live in the southwest you can still see it because all the different regional editions of inside out are viewable on the BBC iplayer. So (if you wish to) you can view the program HERE (I'm not sure how long it stays available for mind, it is working today though)

Also a little moan. I recently added a gadget to show followers of my blog but have now had to remove it because Blogger have reformatted the gadget to show a border and buttons and horrible advert/link. So sorry to my followers for removing your icons. I know it doesn't really matter what it looks like but it sort of offends my aesthetic sensibilities. I'm a bit weird like that I suppose!

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