Sunday, 8 February 2009

A Walk in the Black Forest......

..... Errm.... actually in Shute Woods, not quiet the same I know, but that's what it made me think of. I took Rex there for his walk this morning hoping to see or hear the Crossbills that Phil had heard yesterday or failing that at least see my first Redpoll of the year. I was to be disappointed on both fronts. The woods were so quiet you could have heard a Crossbill just thinking about chupping!! In well over an hour I only heard a Bullfinch, some Jackdaws, a distant Great Spot drumming, and a Great Tit and I saw one Bluetit! With green fields all around I wasn't expecting the blanket of snow which greeted me in the woods, it was lovely, a real 'Winter Wonderland'.

Rex looking decidedly grubby against the white of the snow.

While I was standing around waiting for a Crossbill to chupp, or anything to do anything, I began to feel a bit bored and lonely, in fact I must have felt very bored and lonely because I resorted to making myself a snow, moss, fir cone and stick based 'friend'.

My new friend wasn't exactly 'a barrel of laughs' but I can't knock him for his impeccable taste in hats!

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