Saturday 14 March 2020

Beetles, Flies and Bugs

More from last year, mainly just photos as I'm having to rush to get them all on here. Would be a shame not to though as it's a bit of a waste to take them and then leave them forgotten on the hard drive. Well that's my excuse!


 Two-banded Longhorn Beetle - Rhagium bifasciatum

A Tortoise Beetle - Casida ribiginosa 
Normally inconspicuous I imagine, as we only noticed this one because it was in a pond drowning. It was rescued and placed on a tree for a photo.

 A Willow Leaf Beetle - Lochmaea caprea
Usually found on Birch or Sallow as seen here. 

 Malachite beetle - Malachius bipustulatus
First one of these I've ever seen.
 Not that common in the southwest apparently, this one was at Ramshorn Down, Devon. Also there were..

... a very splendid Wasp Beetle - Clytus arietis

and a Soldier Beetle - Malthodes marginatus

Four-spotted Leaf Beetle - Clytra quadripunctata
Another first for me this time at Bystock Ponds, East Devon.

Red Poplar Leaf Beetle - Chrysomela populi
Always great to see this stunning beetle. This one was on Hawkerland Common. East Devon.

Garden Chafer - Phyllopertha horticola

Welsh Chafer - Hoplia philanthus

A Darkling Beetle - Opatrum sabulosum
An uncommon beetle that was new to me. 
This one was seen in Soar Mill Cove, Devon. 

A Carpet Beetle - Dermestes undulatus 
This is I believe a very rare beetle in Devon. We found this one on a rock on Branscombe Beach.

Cliff Tiger Beetle - Cylindera germanica.
Eype Mouth Cliffs.

Apion frumentarium
A tiny less than 4mm weevil which can be found on dock leaves. 
It’s probably just me but I can’t look at it without thinking of The Clangers!

Black and White Marbled Weevil - Tachyerges salicis 
An even smaller weevil less than 3mm, found on willows. And although this one doesn't look anything like a Clanger, it does look like it's wearing an Icelandic sweater! 

An Acorn Weevil - Curculio venosus

Like most people I've seen a lot of Ladybirds, but I don't often look closely enough to identify which species they are. I found  a few last year but didn't get very good photos of any of them. I did manage to identify them though. I'm going to make a better effort to get some good shots of some this year. Perhaps see how many species I can find too.

18 Spot Ladybird - Myrrha octodecimguttata

Cream Spot Ladybird - Calvia quatuordecimguttata, on left.
Orange Ladybird - Halyzia sedecimguttata on right.

Kidney Spot Ladybird - Chilocorus renipustulatus, on left.
24 Spot Ladybird - Subcoccinella vigintiquattuorpunctata, on right.

Striped Ladybird - Myzia oblongoguttata


Dark-edged Bee-fly -Bombylius major, above.
Western Beefly - Bombylius canescens, below.

Norfolk Hawker - Aeshna isoceles
I've tried many times, over the years to get photos of one of these in flight and this time I actually manged it!


Pale-shouldered Brachyopa - Brachyopa scutellaris.
Also a great view of the stellate hairs on the surface of the Ivy leaf.

Pale-shouldered Brachyopa - Brachyopa scutellaris.
 Egglaying on a sap run.

Bumblebee Cheilosia - Cheilosia illustrata
A Bumblebee mimic, often found on Hogweed flowers as seen here, above.

Parsley Cheilosia - Cheilosia pagana.

Spring Epistrophe - Epistrophe eligans

White-footed Hoverfly -Platycheirus albimanus

Syrphus sp. 

Yellow-clubbed Hoverfly - Scaeva selenitica 

Blotch-winged Hoverfly - Leucozona lucorum

Furry Dronefly - Eristalis intricarius 

Large Spotty-eyed Dronefly - Eristalinus aeneus


Red-and-black Froghopper - Cercopis vulnerata

Common Flower Bug - Anthocoris nemorum

Drymus ryei

 Hairy Shieldbug - Dolycoris baccarum

Gorse Shieldbug - Piezodorus lituratus 

Ant Damsel Bug - Himacerus mirmicoides

Boat Bug - Enoplops scapha

Dalman's Leatherbug - Spathocera dalmanii

Friday 13 March 2020

Bees, Wasps and Ants

A selection of bees, wasps and ants from last year. Well the ones I've tentatively identified that is! Totally new to trying to identify bees so I could easily have them all wrong!


Big-headed Mining Bee - Andrena bucephala
 Male resting on Butterbur leaves alongside River Sid, Sidford. 

Black Mining Bee - Andrena pilipes
Struggled to get a stationary one for a photo so had to resort to potting one. 
This is a female, found on the cliffs at Branscombe beach.

Blood Bee - Sphecodes sp. 
No chance of identifying to species level, one of 17 species in British Isles which all look the same! This one was at Bystock Ponds reserve, Devon.

Hairy-footed Flower Bee - Anthophora plumipes
Male on patch of Bulbous Comfrey by the River Sid, Sidford. Devon.

Gold-fringed Mason Bee - Osmia aurulenta
This female was found on the beach at Soar Mill Cove, Devon.

I think this is a male of the same species? This one seen on the cliffs at Eype Mouth, Dorset. 

Clover Melitta - Melitta leporina
I think this is a male, seen at Dungy Head, Dorset. 
(Although I may have this totally wrong!)

Smeathman's Furrow Bee - Lassioglossum smeathmanellum
Female on cliffs at Eype Mouth, Dorset. 

A Base-banded Furrow Bee - Lassioglossum sp. 

Nomad Bees

Early Nomad Bee - Nomada leucophthalma (male)

Flavous Nomad Bee - Nomada flava (female)


Marsham's Nomad Bee - Nomada marshamella (female)
All three of these were seen on Branscombe undercliffs in early May.

Early Nomad Bee - Nomada leucophthalma (male)

Long-horned Nomad Bee - Nomada hirtipes (male)
These two species were seen at Haven Cliffs, Axmouth in mid-May.

Fabricius' Nomad Bee - Nomada fariciana (female) 
Ramshorn Down, Devon, late March. Seen associated with nesting aggregation of Gwynne's Mining Bee - Andrena bicolor

Lathbury's Nomad Bee - Nomada lathburiana (female)
Seen on Aylesbeare Common, Devon in late April 


Fen Mason Wasp - Odynerus simillimus
 Hickling Broad, late June.

An Ichneumon Wasp - Ichneumon sarcitorius
Haven Cliffs, Axmouth, Devon. 

A very small solitary wasp - Diodontus sp.
Seen at Haven Cliffs, Axmouth in May and June.

Here's one on a fingernail to show just how small it is!
 This one is Entomognathus brevis.


Jet Ants - Lasius fuliginosus
Very shiny jet black ants with distinctive heart shaped head, seen at Ramshorn Down, Devon in early May. 

Pavement Ant -Tetramorium caespitum 
These tiny ants caught my eye on Hartland Moor, Dorset.
They were only about 2-3mm in length!