Friday 16 January 2009

A Standing Dish or Two

I took the dog for his walk at Jubilee Gardens and Beer Beach this morning. I had a couple of brief glimpses of one of the Firecrests and the female Black Redstart was showing well on the beach huts, well that's 'til I got my camera out. She then became very coy and played hard to get. Here she is:


After a frustrating time getting a photo of the Beer Blackred (why I bothered, I don't know) I got home to find this in a tree bordering our garden, having a bit of a preen. The sun was out so I just had to take a few photos even though I've taken oodles before. They're just so photogenic! I took a little video too, its a bit wobbly because it's hand held, just shows how well the image stabilization technology works when taking photos. I'm so shaky I'm amazed I ever get any decent images.

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