Saturday 25 October 2008

Another Interesting Bird at Last

Well Ring Ouzel hunting on Beer Head didn't happen this morning as planned, with the strong southwesterly wind arriving much sooner than forecast. Instead I decided to walk to Jubilee Gardens from Seaton Hole. I didn't see any good birds, although I'm sure the Firecrests will be back shortly.
On my way home I got a text from Ian M who had seen a Black Redstart at the AYC. So when I arrived back I popped over there for a quick look, and sure enough there it was on one of the rooftops of Trevelyan Road. I don't know exactly what it is about these houses that Black Redstarts like so much, but I'm glad they do like them. I got out the S3 and with my usual foolproof technique, (wave in general direction of bird press and hope) took these snaps of it.

While I was pointing my camera at some bloke's window he asked me (understandably, I suppose) what I was doing. When I explained, his reply was; "Oh yes, the Black Redstart, he's been here for around a week now, I hadn't seen him yet this morning though." Seeing as this man only lives about about 4 doors away from me, and the bird's been knocking around for a whole week, I don't think I'll be winning any prizes for the backwater's most observant birder!

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