Monday 27 October 2008

And There's More... Black Redstarts that is!

Hello there! If your coming here for any bird news you'll probably be disappointed. I've been out quite a lot today but can't really tell you of anything that hasn't already been reported by Steve, coz he's been out all day too and seen, well, everything I have!! I did manage to get up early this morning and go to Beer Head, although a flat tyre 100 yards from the house delayed me somewhat. I managed to fix this and arrived at Beer Head by 7.30- ish. I didn't see much, three Goldcrests and a Blackcap to be exact, so worth it then!! Actually it's almost always worth it if only for views like this:

What could be at the end of the rainbow? Let's see shall we...

It's the enchanted kingdom of Sidmouth of course

I saw my first Redwings of the winter whilst walking the dog in the vicinity of Whiford for some obscure reason, I forget what exactly. By some incredible coincidence I bumped into Steve here too. Rex, who was wet and very muddy to boot, decided to jump into his car to say hello, whoops, sorry Steve! :-(

Steve told me that there were now four Black Redstarts at the Yacht Club, I wasn't already aware of this of course!! When I got home I walked the couple of feet from my house to have a look and sure enough there they were, they'll be starting to outnumber the Pied Wagtails at this rate! I took another quick snap of the male with the S3, not much cop, but so what! At least the sky's blue.

I shouldn't need an excuse

Then I went to Bruckland Ponds and saw, (yes, you already know) these:

Ooh! Tufties

And loads of these:

I really like these. Why? Because they're pink! Why else?

Monday's my evening off work and so I made the most of it by nipping down to Colyford Common for the last hour of daylight again. Gav was already there and had conscientiously counted the Godwits, the Sandpipers... oh and the Dunlin.

In Gav's latest blog post, after publishing what has to be said was a 'truly gripping' photo of a Vincent Black Shadow he said.

..... Be warned - if anyone professes even the slightest bit of interest in seeing more pics of old British bikes parked in muddy fields you won't be able to stop me....

I for one haven't the slightest urge to see any more. Why? Because I'm a 'girl' and not remotely interested in such things? No, it's because I have hundreds of them myself!! Doesn't everyone!?

Here's one:

The Triumph - thingy-migig- whats-its-name in muddy field.

And another:

A BSA... purple coloured one, in muddy field being admired by Keith and Nigel (must give them a mention in case they see this)

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