Sunday 20 January 2013


I finally managed to catch up with the flock of overwintering Woodlark today on about my ninth or tenth attempt. They seem to be commuting between a selection of fields in the Axmouth/Rosden area and it's just a case of looking in the right one. So easy then! I managed to get a couple of digiscoped shots, which took a bit of patience, both waiting for them to approach near enough and getting one of them standing still for long enough. Digiscoping and shuffling, scampering little birds just don't mix! While I was standing about waiting I noticed a Stoat sauntering along the edge of the field towards me. I lifted my  camera and unfortunately it soon spotted me but not before I manged a couple of quick snaps. They're a bit grainy due to the poor light but I'm happy because they are the first photos of a Stoat I've managed.

No28. Woodlark


No29. Black-headed Gull


Wilma said...

They are all wonderful photos, but the composition of the last one of the gulls is very pleasing. Love the stoat, too.

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks Wilma