Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The First 'Record Shots' to Make The List

It had to happen. A couple of patch rarities have made it onto the photo list...just! I had to let them past the 'no record shot or blurry speck' rule because both are just about annual in occurrence on patch so it's unlikely I'll  get any better shots this year, possible, but unlikely.
First of these is a Goosander that Ian M found yesterday afternoon. It was showing well from the Tower Hide but when I got there it had moved onto the nearside bank right below the hide but was out of view... it went to sleep... it got dark... I didn't get a photo. I went back first thing this morning but hadn't realized how big the tide was going to be, water everywhere but no ducks at all! Should have checked the tide tables and had a lie in instead. I'd looked along the river a couple of times today and there was no sign of it but at around 4pm (coincidentally the same time that it was seen yesterday) I got a text from Gav, it was right outside the Tower Hide. I made my way there again and felt pretty optimistic about getting a decent photo because although the light was beginning to fade it was slap bang in front of the hide. Easy! Well it would have been had my arrival not coincided exactly with Doug and Fraser's visit to tinker with the Black Hole Marsh tide-regulator-valve-thingy. The Goosander had  been flushed and was now about 400m away. It very gradually inched its way nearer as the light got dimmer and dimmer but I still had to make do with a shot from about 200m away in the dark!

No24. Goosander

Early this morning Steve spotted a Golden Plover in with a flock of Lapwings in a field near to Colyton WWTW. I tried to digiscope it but was looking directly into the sun and predictably the results were blurry specks. I went back after breakfast when the sun had moved  a bit further to the south and had another stab at it. Definitely a record shot but it passes the 'recognizable' criteria.

No25. Golden Plover

The Golden Plover is in this shot too. Can you see it?
Might as well count Lapwing on the list too....

No26. Lapwing

After 'successfully' digiscoping the Golden Plover I went to Colyton WWTW to have another attempt at Treecreeper. Whilst I was waiting I amused myself taking some more Chiffchaff shots. At one point there were ten in a single small tree. I saw the Siberian Chiffchaff again but didn't manage a photo of it today. Here are a few normal 'yellow ones'.

I reckon that fly has got less than a second left to live!

I did manage to photograph a Treecreeper  too.

No27. Treecreeper

What a messy eater!

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