Friday 25 January 2013

Entertaining Greylag .... Yes, Really!

Most times we have a Greylag Goose gracing our patch I don't even bother to look for it. Let's face it it's not the most exciting bird is it? But with a chance to get one on my patch photo yearlist I was out quite early this morning to look for it. It wasn't as distant as I'd feared but wasn't near enough to get a nice photo from any of the gateways on Bridge Marsh. I had to get a bit nearer ... not a problem on some peoples patches I suspect where getting far enough away might be more of an issue! So I scrambled down the road embankment and hid in the trees. I got my shot...

No33.Greylag Goose

The goose obviously appreciated my efforts and treated me to a display of his footballing prowess... he did really! ... Look!

Ball placed on the spot...

... Walks away ready for his run up...

... Turns to begin run up..

...He runs..

He shoots!
Personally I thought the grass was a wee bit long and the ball a tad too flat.
I know, I need to get out more!

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