Saturday 5 January 2013

A Bit of a Slow Start

Well, my photographic patch yearlist isn't getting of to much of a flying start is it? I've had rather a hectic week this week but from now on I should be able to put in a bit more time. After hearing of some Lesser Redpolls on Seaton Marshes at lunchtime today I eventually made my way there but I was too late and they were nowhere to be seen. I had a good look around for anything to add to the list but I'm afraid the best I could do was this...

No5. Mallard

The gloomy weather conditions we've been having of late aren't  helping either, hopeless for getting nice photos. Still, if I continually wait on sunny weather before taking any photos it's probably going to be a very, very short list, especially if we have another year like the last one! I decided to take a slow drive along the side of the estuary to see if anything was loitering nice and close on the nearside bank. There was something, well someone, Gav checking out the gulls. He was strolling along the estuary on the path below the road and consequently flushing everything on the near bank. After chatting for a while we decided to go and look for the elusive Black Redstart near the Axe Yacht Club. So while Gav walked back down the estuary towards his car I positioned myself ahead of him and waited for him to get near enough to flush the birds that were in front of me. This worked a treat. Just a shame about the was almost dark! I got a couple of additions to the list which only just made it past 'quality control'. We didn't see the Black Redstart....Not yet.

No6. Wigeon

No7. Oystercatcher

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