Thursday, 24 January 2013

Thrushes Galore!

They're everywhere on patch at the moment, in almost every lush green field you care to look at. Bearing that in mind, this morning I decided it was about time I tried to get them on my patch photo yearlist. The first place I tried was Bridge Marsh where there were indeed oodles of them but alas, all pretty distant. I wasn't too worried about it though because there were also a couple of massive flocks of Golden Plovers roosting there. I started to count the birds in one of them but only got to a couple of hundred before they set off north up the Axe Valley for a day's feeding. Still, that couple of hundred was only about a third of the one flock and the other  flock was of more or less equal size. So at least a thousand then. Incredible! Well it is relatively speaking as we only usually get a couple of individuals a year. I took a couple of photos of the flock I was counting and stitched them together thus...

 Less than half the Golden Plovers roosting on Bridge Marsh this morning... I hear the flock has increased to around 5,000 this evening!

Leaving for a day's feeding.

After enjoying the spectacle of the Golden Plover flocks I headed off to the fields around Musbury in search of photograph-able Redwings and Fieldfares. I had a lovely walk and saw thousands of Thrushes but didn't get any photos other than a couple of flight shots (a challenge to say the least!) they were just too flighty, flushing even when I was walking along the lanes behind the hedges. I got my photos later in the morning though at Seaton Skate Park of all places!

No30. Song Thrush

No.31. Redwing

No32. Fieldfare

While on my walk I also stumbled upon a small group of Roe Deer. Wasn't really fast enough with the camera but I like this one of the buck.....

... Not the best quality but look at those lovely velvety antlers...I want to touch them!


John O'Sullivan said...

enjoying the photographic variation on the patch work theme that you are attempting this year. Like the shot of the stoat from the previous post in particular. Stoats and weasels are very smart looking animals

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks John. Stoats look so cute but would probably take your finger off given the chance!