Wednesday 15 April 2009

Groppers Galore!

Well yesterday there were! Well, perhaps not galore, five to be exact (galore makes a good alliterative title though). I only heard four of them, two of the three which were on Beer Head early morning and two more on Axe Cliff a little later. The sun was out on Axe Cliff by the time I got there but Beer Head remained locked beneath low cloud virtually all day.

Beer Head draped in a layer of low cloud,
beneath which there was a very welcome 'layer of Groppers'! :)

I didn't actually see any of the Groppers, so no photos this time. My legendary modesty is allowing me to resist the slight temptation to show you (yet again.. because there's one on this post here) the good shots I got of one last year at Trinity Hill. I also saw my first Whitethroat of the year yesterday, a singing male on Axe Cliff, he was still there this morning (possibly another one, but I doubt it coz there's been nothing much else today). A morning visit to Beer Head with Steve was very unproductive, I'd gone along to witness him walking all the way to the chalets at Branscombe and back. This didn't materialize though due to the wrong weather, wrong type of snow, Saturn being in conjunction with Jupiter or some such excuse! ;-) If it does happen one day you'll see it on here first!! I was already on Axe Cliff with the dog when Ian M texted about another Redstart on Beer Head. I've missed them all so far, so I'm really looking forward to seeing my first one this year, well, more than usual that is. I always look forward to seeing my first Redstart. Always a real treat! I'm easily pleased :-)

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