Monday 13 April 2009

Galling Glimpse

I was on Axe Cliff again late morning walking the dog, and was sitting on the bench where the path goes down into the undercliff, taking a breather and just enjoying the peace and quiet, sun and the odd Blackcap and Chiffchafff, when something different caught my eye, I didn't see what, I couldn't get my bins up in time before it vanished into some brambles. A few moments later though I glimpsed it again, it appeared on the top of the bramble thicket for a nanosecond and flew low away from me and disappeared into more brambles. It looked to me like a Nightingale!! Plain brown, largish, obvious russet coloured rump and tail. I just didn't see it for long enough (about 3 seconds) to be certain. I watched the brambles where it had vanished for another hour but there was no sign. So I'll just have to 'let that one go'. Very very, annoying! At least I wont have to write another description, I didn't get the last one through and that one was singing! Before I'm admonished or even castigated for not texting, I thought about it, really I did, but I just couldn't be sure on the brief view I got and besides that, the chances of it breaking cover again, if indeed it was one, were negligible.Who wants to spend their bank holiday staring at some brambles which might or might not harbour a bird which might or might not be a Nightingale? Not me, an hour was enough! If anyone would have then I'm very sorry :(

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