Tuesday 29 March 2011

Don't Know What I Was Worried About

Earlier this evening I was just putting some rubbish in the skip at work when I heard a whooshing sound.  It could only be one thing, the Tesco pipeline was in action pumping aggregate. I thought if I could here it this well from the Co-op what would it sound like at home? About an hour later I found out. It was horrendous, much worse than I'd thought possible. After standing outside 'liasing' with a person from the Environmental Pollution Department of the local council (this had to be done by 'polite shouting' out of necessity) my ears are actually hurting, in much the same way as they did after the couple of occasions I forgot my ear defenders whilst clay pigeon shooting . The 'officials' asked to come inside the house to measure the noise levels in my bedroom, it was too loud (through closed double glazing) so they wont be able to pump any more at night, well, so we're told. More soundproofing is apparently going to be applied but before then they will probably still let them go ahead during the day. Great! I'll need to wear ear defenders in my own garden.

Here's a video taken from in my bedroom. You'll need your volume turned up to get the right idea of the noise level.

On a lighter note look at this letter that Tesco sent us yesterday
 The whole letter just to prove I'm not making this up
Yes it's true, they will be opening a VIEWING PLATFORM!
So  that's good news for any anti-social local birders. Why? Because who ( apart from committed local patch workers) will be at Black Hole Marsh now, when they can visit the Tesco building site and watch sand and gravel being moved about. Sounds awesome! Roll up, roll up, bring the kids. Fun for all the family! I wondered if they have a sense of humour when I noticed the date the viewing platform will open?

Enough of that ****.  Let's look at some nice moths. We've had three new moths for the garden over the last few days and a few others worth a photo. Firstly, the Water Carpet which escaped in my kitchen yesterday has now been officially declared 'missing presumed dead'. Fortunately we caught another last night.
Water Carpet. This moth has a lovely metallic sheen.
 I think this new moth for the garden is an Early Tooth-striped. Not sure though.
This exciting looking beast is a Diurnea fagella

Three other moths that  I think warrant a photo.
 First generation Purple Thorn
 Brindled Beauty
Early Grey. This one's more like an early pink!


Skev said...

Yes - that's an Early-tooth Striped you have there. I get that in the inlaws N. Devon garden but not sure how common/scarce it is down there.

Horrendous noise!!

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks Mark :-) It just looked more heavily marked than in the book.