Sunday, 3 April 2011

A Bit of Patch Action

Unfortunately I've already failed in my attempt to walk to Branscombe and back four times a week. I forgot to add the proviso that I wouldn't be doing it in lashing rain and high winds and we've had these for a couple of days this week. I did manage to complete it twice though and saw a few, and I mean a few, migrants. Firsts for the year for me were a Swallow on Tuesday and a Willow Warbler today, which is better than nowt I suppose. I've been out twitching on patch twice today thanks to Bun. :-) First he found a Grey Plover on the estuary, and later spotted an Iceland Gull land on the estuary near Coronation Corner from a vantage point at Stafford Marsh. Phil and I were soon on site checking the gulls out and it wasn't long before Phil spotted the white-winger. It was a first winter ( or is that first summer in April?) and typically distant.

Typically awful north of Coronation Corner type shot.

I also took a photo (if you can call it that) of the Grey Plover, though goodness only knows why?!! In my defence they are quite a rarity on patch. 
Typical 'badly lit wader on far side of river' type shot.
Grey Plover set off beautifully against a background of grey mud....Lovely!

The Iceland Gull was later re-found at the southernmost end of Seaton Marshes and could be easily viewed from the play-park in the town centre, and easily viewed means easily digiscoped! Although having said that the low sun caused a bit of a problem with exposure.White birds can be so difficult.

It looks so cute in this one.

I was surprised when I saw this in the Under Hooken this morning
Purple Gromwell flowering already!

I also took a nice long stroll on Axe Cliff with Rex this afternoon where it was nice to see a pair of Stonechats, hopefully last years pair having survived the winter. I also found this...

Which I think is the larva of  a Ruby Tiger.
'Shaun the Sheep' was still guarding his citadel

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Stu said...

The Iceland Gull was a nice find, I got my first one in the UK at christmas........