Monday, 14 March 2011

Post With No Tesco Bashing.....

I've decided to try and improve my fitness and loose a bit of weight as I'm a couple of stone heavier than I ought to be. To do this I've decided to walk from Beer To Branscombe and back at least four times a week. It's pretty strenuous when one's as unfit as I am but I should see some nice birds/insects/plants along the way. Today was day one and I was hoping to see the Firecrest when I reached Branscombe. I didn't. I did see Steve though, who was also looking for said Firecrest. He didn't see it either. I did however, see a Dipper, only my second ever sighting of one at Branscombe as well. Too fleeting for a photo unfortunately, it was very wary. The long slog back through the Under Hooken was well worthwhile today though because I saw not one but two Firecrests, male and female, they were frantically chasing each other around so I couldn't get a photo of them either. I didn't see anything on Beer Head, no Wheatears yet for me.
No bird photos, so here's one of the Under Hooken,
taking it was an excuse to have a breather. I wasn't in any hurry to get home because today was pipeline day.  I took a few snaps of the action but first a look back to Friday when Tesco's contractors kindly left us this....
Fair enough I suppose if the car wasn't actually ON OUR DRIVE!!!
We were able to leave the Land Rover here but were told we wouldn't be allowed to use our back gate. We had no keys for the front door though..( the joys of renting) The contractors had to fit a new door lock on it for us to be able use it  Anyway here's some photo of the reason why....

This was indeed blocking our gate but I could stand right next to it on my garden...surely not really a legal place to put it. I suppose I'm expected to stay out of my own garden. Because...
Everyone else within twenty feet of it had to dress like this.
Looking up from underneath my washing line was quite daunting.
Not to worry though this guy with the rope had it all under control!!

Warning to all those kids who aspire to be a crane operator/driver.
I don't think it keeps you very fit? 
He didn't get out of that seat for over 7 hours.
Here's the 'new look' view from my bedroom window. Gorgeous!
Yes, I know I'm lucky to live where I do But we do pay an awful lot in rent to live in a house which is so neglected by the landlord that it's literally falling apart around us. We only keep paying it for the views.
View from my son's room, it's even closer than it looks in the photo.
Guess who does like it though?

Here's a few nicer sights I've seen today.
I think these are both 10-Spot Ladybirds even though they look so different.
Sallow or Goat Willow Catkins not sure which.
Small Tortoiseshell
Red Admiral  
My first sighting of the year. This individual looks quite faded and could be an early migrant from the continent. It's extremely unlikely that any hibernated successfully this winter.
Token Bird
I saw this young ram yesterday afternoon on Haven Cliff, right on the cliff-tops.
There are no sheep in fields anywhere near here and his natural looking state of moult leads me to believe that he must have escaped from a flock of sheep last year when just a lamb and gotten into the undercliff where he's happily surviving... getting in touch with his inner Soay!

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