Sunday, 3 January 2016

Purple Sandpipers ... Yes That's Right, Birds!

Decided to pop out for a bit if fresh air today and went over to Lyme Regis for a change. Timed it just right with the weather as the rain stopped and the sun even came out. However this wasn't all good because the improvement in the weather brought out lots of people which in turn ruined my chances of getting any nice photos of the local Purple Sandpipers. I managed one shot before they were flushed . Rob had even asked some people to just wait a moment while I took a photo but they didn't even reply to him. They just walked on past me and that was that. I got a couple of lucky flight shots as the birds sped off though. Good job I've got plenty of Purple Sandpiper photos otherwise I'd have been a bit miffed.

Purple Sandpiper
The nice light meant that the purple colour in feathers which is usually difficult to see showed up really well.


JRandSue said...

Great Flight shots,Happy New Year Karen.
John and Sue.

Karen Woolley said...

John and Sue: Thanks and A Happy New Year to you both!