Monday, 4 January 2016


I thought I'd make the most of another small respite in the rainy weather today and pop over to see the East Devon Cirl Buntings. I hadn't been to see them since Christmas Day last year and so it was good to see they are still present in good numbers with confirmed breeding having been recorded this year. Its a good spot for overwintering birds especially buntings, finches and Skylarks. There were several Reed Buntings present today and quite a few Bramblings too. Unfortunately I couldn't get any photos of the latter but got some nice shots of the Cirl Buntings and Reed Buntings.

Male Cirl Bunting

Female Cirl Bunting

Reed Bunting 

Female Stomechat 

Male Stonechat

Common Buzzard


JRandSue said...

Love the Cirl Buntings,brilliant captures,must try and see them this year.
Great post.

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks John, I can definitely recommend Cirl Buntings..Lovely little birds!