Thursday, 28 January 2016

Naked Ladies at Velvet Bottom

The 'naked ladies' being the late flowering Meadow Saffron. Called naked ladies because they are leafless in flower and on long white stems. Leaves appear the following spring and die back in the summer. We saw them in mid October at Velvet Bottom reserve in the Mendips.

Meadow Saffron - Colchicum autumnale

We also bumped into this handsome chap tucking into the bracken.
Broom Moth Caterpillar - Ceramica pisi


Wilma said...

Great blog title and lovely flowers.

Unknown said...

Excellent. With that title for the post, you will probably see your page view numbers soar!

JRandSue said...

Fantastic captures,top notch photography.
Love the rich coloure detail

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks for comments all :-)