Sunday 16 September 2012

Oh So Quiet

It's gone very quiet on patch this week with wader numbers really dropping off on Black Hole Marsh and very little to be seen on Beer Head or Axe Cliff. Still, minor excitement today when Phil found a Curlew Sandpiper at Black Hole Marsh late morning. I was just leaving the house to go up Axe Cliff when I got the text so went down to see it first. It was a lovely juvenile but always stayed way to distant for decent photos. I had a stab at digiscoping it though, which turned out a bit on the naff side but could have been much worse I suppose.

It may have come nearer if I'd waited around a bit longer but I had to leave as the hide began to rapidly fill up with pushchairs and toddlers and resemble a preschool playgroup! So off to Axe Cliff it was then, to see... Well, when I say the stand out highlight was identifying a new plant you'll get the idea. The  plant was this.

Blue Fleabane.
 Again probably one of those I've seen many times and just haven't noticed.

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