Saturday, 22 September 2012

More of The Same from Axe Cliff and Seaton Marshes

I'm trying to get up to Axe Cliff every day a the moment as there's some superb habitat which is bound to turn up something good eventually. I just hope that at least a few fields are left for the winter. There were hundreds of birds this morning but around 99% of them were these...

and these...

 Mostly House Martins but a few Swallows and at least one Sand Martin too. You'd think with them being as numerous as this it would be fairly straightforward to get a photo of one, well I took about fifty shots and this is the only remotely successful one.


There were only four Wheatears on the golf course and just a singles of Willow Warbler and Whitethroat in the bushes.

Later in the morning I moved on to Seaton Marshes hoping to find a Whinchat (or better). It's often lovely and quiet at Seaton Marshes nowadays as most people prefer to visit the 'state of the art' facilities at Black Hole Marsh/Stafford Marsh. There was indeed a Whinchat present but it stayed distant most of the time.While I was waiting for it to approach close enough to get a photo I amused myself photographing a couple of very obliging Wheatears.

I just love Whinchats!

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