Thursday 9 August 2012

My New Morning Alarm Call (Take Two)

I've been enjoying feeding the birds in our nice new garden but I fear I've made a bit of a 'rod for my own back'. As from a couple of weeks ago if I'm not up and about and putting out the bird food before about 7 am I'm rudely awoken by this type of thing. I got up before seven this morning and decided to set the camera up. Sorry about the background noise, I'd already put on the washing and didn't realise how loud the machine was! He didn't really put that much effort in this morning and was then disturbed by Rex entering the kitchen but the first time I was woken up by his antics I actually thought someone was trying to break in!

EDIT:  This morning he put on a much more typical performance like so:


The Hairy Birder said...

That's excellent Karen! I had a similar experience a few years back with a female Blackbird that I used to feed with live meal worms. If there was none out for her when she came in the garden she used to 'clatter' all over the conservatory roof until I came out with them! Cheers, Seumus

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks for commenting Seumus. I think I'd rather have a Blackbird pecking the back door! ;-)