Monday, 5 April 2010

Woodchat Shrike

Went to see the Woodchat Shrike at Church Cove, near The Lizard in Cornwall this morning, it showed really well and the sun even came out briefly. Woodchat Shrikes really are superb little characters and it was well worth making the three hour journey to see this one. It appeared to be feeding well and we saw it catch and devour at least two large bumblebees. As it was a bank holiday today there were lots of holidaymakers around too, some were quite interested and had looks through our scopes. Ever wondered why non-birders descriptions of strange birds they've seen are so crap? Well it isn't for want a good view  because today one was looking at the bird ( which was pretty close) through my scope and said " Oooh, what a pretty little bird, it's blue and white with a beige head." Blue!? Beige!? How do their minds ( or should I say eyes) work? 

What a show off! Shrikes are great! :-)

Also took a couple of snaps of a nice male Stonechat because he was just there, thrusting himself into my lens like they always do. One of the least camera shy of all birds I reckon.
Typical Stonechat shot...
... And a more aesthetic shot of him singing.

And finally the customary new moths of the day....

Clouded Drab


JRandSue said...

Great shots Karen,nice to see you there.
Pity we didn't have a chat.

Gavin Haig said...

Love that first shot with the gorse. Cracker! One of those on Beer Head would be supremely welcome!

Ha! The word verification for this comment was 'blight'!! Make of that what you will.

The Abbot said...

Great shots Karen. Glad you did not dip.
Just love the Stonechats my favorite bird

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks for kind comments:-)

The gorse shot's my favourite too Gav.

Yes, Stonechats are great, never can resist taking a snap of one!

I'll recognise you next time John :-)