Sunday 11 April 2010

Three White, Brown and Black, Marshy, Swampy Birds.

There were three Little Ringed Plovers ( or white, brown and black, marshy, swampy birds as my son calls them as opposed to white brown and black perchy ones (Woodchat Shrike) I don't think he'll make a birder any day soon) gracing Black Hole Marsh with their presence this afternoon. I popped down there to see if I could get a photo with them all in it but they kept too well apart for most of the time. Three is the most I've ever seen together too, which was nice :-)

I had to keep well zoomed out to fit three in the shot.... 
I thought I had all three in the next one while looking at the camera screen ....
...But as you can see I didn't. One of these  three looks suspiciously un-plover like! I think the day is fast approaching when I'll need to take my reading glasses birding with me! :(

Another scintillating new moth species, Small Quaker.

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Unknown said...

I have the same problem...never know really what I have got till I get home or in a darkish corner. Nice photographs.