Friday 9 April 2010

Not A Blog Post

I took Rex for his walk on Axe Cliff late morning, the weather was glorious but there wasn't much to report, I took a few photos of some of  the bits and bobs that I saw though. For a full and 'very convincing' explanation to why this isn't actually a blog post please see here ;-)
Beautiful Small Tortoiseshell.
Not so beautiful female Oil Beetle
First Slow Worm of the year, beautiful in its own way.
A perky little Wren
 And finally this pair of Swallows, back at their nesting site and wasting no time!! As well as plenty of 'this kind of thing' they were also busy collecting mud from the bridleway.


Anonymous said...

Aha - I just saw an oil beetle too. There must be a slick of them about at present.
Brilliant bird photos here - wish I could get some like that.

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks Rob, and if your 'Rambling Rob' formerly of Wight Rambler then welcome back, your old blog was one of my favourites! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ta Karen - same Rob, still rambling!