Wednesday 21 April 2010

Glossy Hat With Wings

What!!? You might well ask! That's what I thought when I read it. It's what someone searched for on Google before finding themselves on my blog. The majority of my visitors do in fact search for sensible things such as, March Moth, Wolferton Triangle, Cylops betina  or "gorgeous and talented female birder" but sometimes the mind boggles, I mean, glossy hat with wings!!? Actually that wasn't the most worrying one, take a look.
Picture of the insides of the lesser sandpiper!!! Urgh!! I can only hope that the lesser sandpiper is a kind of boat or plane or something?

I've been out and about on patch today but was a bit too late for most of the migrants, must start getting out earlier! Also missed another good bird whilst at work this evening, scrubbing the oven ( what joy), a Marsh Harrier this time. >=(  I did see three new species for the year today though Lesser Whitethroat, Swift and Orange Tip, so not all bad. I didn't get a photo of any of these though so I'll post this stunning effort of a horribly backlit Blackcap singing his head off :-)


Steve Waite said...

Chances were you would have dipped the Harrier even if you weren't at work, it did a bunk very quickly!!!

Karen Woolley said...

Dipping the harrier would have been more fun than cleaning the oven believe me!!

Gavin Haig said...

What!?! Ovens can actually be cleaned?!!

PS. In case there is even the slightest possibility of confusion I would like to point out that the wearer of the enormous white shorts was not me!