Saturday 2 May 2009

A Good Day for Seaton Seawatchers

Not weather wise obviously! Yesterday at The Yacht Club I couldn't help noticing these lying outside 'Fred's Shed'.

Seawatching marker flags, ready and waiting to be deployed. (Their secondary use is race course markers)

So this morning over breakfast I suggested subtly to hubby that he might consider using his influence at the club to get them out and in position, after all it is the beginning of May with 'Pom season' fast approaching! The Seaton seawatchers NEED them in position to help get each other onto passing birds.( I can hear it now- "Flock of eight Poms just passing outer flag") He could even do it himself I hinted.

Not too long after this I was pleased to see this:

Nice one! And when you've finished that you can.... :)

While taking this photo I was distracted by a flock of five birds flying west. I hadn't got bins or scope so took a couple of photos, they turned out to be Whimbrel, which was nice. Here's a stunning shot of four of them; you can't see it but they were just west of the inner flag!

The last two mornings I've walked Rex on Axe Cliff, there hasn't been much about though except lots of singing male Whitethroats, at least six yesterday. I took a few photos but they aren't all that confiding, so I couldn't get very near.

This one looks really 'proud'. Well he is very handsome.

This Yellowhammer appears to be having a problem with slightly unruly 'eyebrows'!!

This afternoon I had some sort of brainstorm and decided to do a spot of gardening. I found this nice Common Green Shield Bug hiding in the carefully tended borders.

Now off to work , where I've a feeling I'm going to have a very busy shift this evening. Pants! :(


Gavin Haig said...

A couple of handy seawatching chairs evident in the first photo too - I'd been wondering where they'd got to.

Karen Woolley said...

Seawatching CHAIRS!??? Obviously being 'Seaton's Hardest Seawatcher' this concept is alien to me! ;-)