Saturday 23 May 2009

A Walk To Culverhole

This morning me and Rex took a gentle stroll along the beach to Culverhole, which is around two kilometres to the East of Seaton. Not that far, but walking on stones it sure feels further! Rex was especially unimpressed and soon became very thirsty and began lagging behind a bit.
When you first set off, Culverhole Point looks quite close but the further you walk the further away it seems to get, here's the view from about halfway:

Culverhole Point is the bit jutting out in the distance.Obviously.

Looking back towards Seaton

I didn't see many birds along the beach, the best being a pair of Rock Pipits on the cliff face, here's a picture of one.
A bit on the naff side but I've included it because it's the ONLY bird photo your gonna get today (if that's a concern then stop here).

When we eventually arrived it was nice to see some large clumps of Sea Kale, this is the only place I've seen it on patch as far as I can recall. It had a very 'distinctive' aroma. There were still remnants of MSC Napoli debris here too.

A bit of mangled container and I'm pleased to see that Culverhole is a no smoking zone.

Sea Kale, pretty but pongy.

The view from Culverhole towards Seaton.

Rex doesn't die of thirst after all !

Some of the habbo, a mixture of scrub, rocks , and small marshy areas. Right in the centre of this photo is the reason I'd come here, yes you've guessed it... Orchids.

I had a suspicion that there may be some orchids here at the moment because I do know that a couple of species can be found here later in the summer. All the ones I saw today were Southern Marsh Orchid or variants of. They were a variety of sizes and colours and sometimes quite difficult to spot in the dense vegetation. Here's a small selection of them:

A couple of 'Barbie pink' ones.

A gorgeous pale pink one.

This one's a variety of Southern Marsh called the 'Leopard Marsh Orchid' (well I think it is, because apparently some hybrids can look similar), notice how the flowers are marked differently having bold horseshoe shaped markings instead of numerous spots. Why 'Leopard Marsh Orchid'? Take a look at the leaves..

Leopard print leaves. Cool.

I saw a few butterflies too. On the beach a Painted Lady, and in Culverhole the ubiquitous Speckled Wood, also a Grizzled Skipper, which wouldn't stay still long enough for a photo and Dingy Skipper, which would.

Dingy Skipper

I wasn't planning on the long walk back along the beach I was going to climb up to the cliff path and return via Axe Cliff. I knew there was a pathway (of sorts) up onto the coast path as I'd climbed down here before a few years ago. I remembered part of it was very steep indeed so when I reached that part I was very happy to see this.

A handy rope, I reckon this has probably been placed here due to an upcoming guided walk. It was a great help for me at least, Rex managed to get up this high step on his third run up.. poor old soul!

The walk back along the coast path was pretty uneventful, very few birds on show but there were oodles of singing Song Thrushes and Chiffchaffs. The highlight was spotting this little beauty.
A female Muslin Moth - exquisite!

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Bryan Rains said...

Not sure about the Barbie colour and how did the dog manage the rope?