Tuesday 26 May 2009

Three Small Firsts

Just a brief post about a couple of the day's highlights, NONE of which involved flowers for a change! I spent most of this morning at Colyford Common with the Axe Estuary Ringing Group, the weather was against us with a stiff northwesterly wind blowing. We did manage to catch fifteen birds though including 'first number one', the ringing groups first Kingfisher of the year, a juvenile. Last year we caught and ringed 18, I wonder if we'll do better this year?

My first Kingfisher fondle of the year, always such a privilege!

Also at Colyford Common was first number two:

Female Broad-bodied Chaser my first of the year. Also my first dragonfly on patch this year.

Finally while walking Rex along the Coly this afternoon I spotted this, the first one of these I've seen on patch this year. It didn't fool me. I knew what it was, despite its attempts to impersonate a Dipper!

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