Wednesday 27 May 2009


On waking up this morning to heavy rain and a strong southwesterly, it wasn't long before I was in position at the Yacht Club seawatching, an unexpected second 'last chance saloon' if there is such a thing? I did two hours in the morning and another one mid-afternoon. It was fairly good seawatching really with c300 Manx Shearwaters (some passing amazingly close in) c100 Gannets, about a dozen Kittiwakes, and a single Whimbrel, also my first tern on patch this year, an Arctic Tern, which Steve had seen leave Colyford Common heading south. It reached the boat park at the Yacht Club before changing its mind and heading back inland, and who can blame it! I also spotted a teeny-weeny wader heading in off, it subsequently flew west along the beach, it was probably a Little Stint, I can't be sure though. Typically whilst I was down the local supermarket obtaining crucial supplies such as, tea, cake, chocolate, chocolate, cake and tea, Steve had an Arctic Skua, which is just the luck of the draw I suppose. All in all I was very happy with what I'd seen until I looked at Birdguides this afternoon, one entry therein hit me like a sledgehammer.." Beer; POMARINE SKUA west at 08:25". Oh no!! I was watching then!! How did it get past me, sheer ineptitude again I suppose :-(

I could understand it if I was doing something foolish like trying to digiscope speeding Manxies. Which of course I wasn't...Well not until at least 09:30. Worth the effort?.....

....I think not

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