Sunday 28 September 2008

A Mish-Mash of Wish-Wash

Axe cliff again late morning but with a difference, Martha decided to accompany me. Good, two pairs of eyes, one pair young and keen were bound to produce results. One small problem though, Martha's choice of subtly coloured haute couture wasn't exactly conducive to successful birding. Perhaps she's making a statement don't ask me what though!

Subtle and understated

There were plenty of finches, Yellowhammers and Skylarks around still and also a few Chiffchaffs. There were four Chiffchaffs in my garden this morning too, all in the one small tree. Perhaps things are starting to look up on the migrant front.

Martha's good at finding golf balls too (not a sort-after talent for later life though methinks!) She found two under a hedge which I had walked right past. I found another two which unlike hers were both new ticks. That's eighteen species in total now. Also today another first, an actual vis mig golf ball, it was flying past west to east but decided to drop into the field for a quick rest, I pounced on it and added it to my prized collection. Several minutes later some optimistic golfers were scouring the fence line looking for the poor wee soul.

It's along hear somewhere. I definitely didn't whack it 30 feet into that field!!

This pitiful sight got me feeling guilty about removing these wild free spirits from there natural environment and the loving companionship of their owners. I have 21 of them now and they're beginning to take up far too much room. I have therefore been thinking of a 'release into the wild' programme for them. So once the weather conditions become favorable, the moon's waning gibbous, Saturn's in conjunction with Venus and there's an 'R' in the month I'll release them all back onto Axe Cliff. Watch this space it will be an emotional day.

We also found this big hairy caterpillar, we dropped it about six times whilst trying to photograph it, I don't know what species it is but I know it's concussed!

Don't drop it AGAIN!! Martha.

Here's a thought, how about starting a new collection... of these.....

Piece number 1

Yes, It doesn't get less exciting than this, a bit of 19th century blue and white transfer print ceramic. There must be millions of types of this!! I do wonder how it manages to get everywhere! But fear not dear reader, even I'm not sad enough to collect bits of old pots!!

Late this afternoon after much begging on Gav's part I reluctantly met him at Morganhayes to show him an empty tree which yesterday had been heaving with Crossbills. I'm pleased to say he was absolutely thrilled and just so he can relive the experience without even having to visit the place again here's a photo of it!! ;-)

The Crossbill Tree (actually they are in it in this picture, but you can't see them so it's a realistic representation of today's view)

Later we popped down to Colyford Common, where we imagined a couple of Honey Buzzards, a Wryneck and a fly past Cattle Egret. Actually the egret was actually a possible, we just couldn't get scopes on it before it was too distant. It was a lovely evening though and the spring tide was just starting to re-fill the parched scrape as we left. So it'll be waders galore tomorrow then!!

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