Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Soggy Green-winged Orchids

Last Thursday I popped over the border to Charmouth in Dorset to see the beautiful display of Green-winged Orchids. I'd been waiting for a nice sunny morning to see them at their best but gave up in the end and went on a murky rainy one, so they were all rather soggy and so was I after getting caught in a bit of a downpour. Still, they were very beautiful and definitely worth going to see whatever the weather. I always go and see a field of Green-winged Orchids somewhere at this time of year and am always fascinated by the variety of colour forms.

 There were several beautiful white forms like these two, and even better, white ones with just a few purple spots on the lip. There was just the one of this form last year but I saw two this year. There may have been more but I didn't search to hard due to the rain.


Ian Andrews said...

It looks much better than the Corfe Mullen DWT, where the plants tend to be very small; can yousay where this is?

Karen Woolley said...

Yes Ian, it's Stonebarrow Hill Email me if you want grid ref. Email under profile.

Ian Andrews said...

Many thanks; I'll give it a run at the weekend; it'll giveme an excuse to try Golden Cap too, somewhere I've never walked to.