Saturday, 21 May 2016

Cotley Hill and Bentley Wood

Last Sunday we went to Cotley Hill in Wiltshire. We were hoping to see plenty of butterflies and in particular Marsh Fritillary. There were lots of butterflies on the wing and I saw my first Common Blue (they are very late this year), Grizzled Skipper and Green Hairstreaks of the year as well as Marsh Fritillaries. After Cotley we went over to Bentley Wood to look for an aberrant Pear-bordered Fritillary which had been seen there. Andy had seen it a couple of days earlier and we were hoping I'd be able to see it too but I dipped. I did see a new plant though so not all bad. I also saw another two new plants on a couple of protected roadside verges.

Marsh Fritillary - Euphydryas aurinia

Grizzled Skipper - Pyrgus malvae

Burnet Companion - Euclidia glyphica

Green Hairstreak - Callophrys rubi

Common Heath Moth 
Having a bad day! 

Pearl-bordered Fritillary - Boloria euphrosyne

Water Avens - Geum rivale

Meadow Saxifrage - Saxifraga granulata

Dusky Cranesbill - Geranium phaeum

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