Monday, 6 May 2013

Butterflies at Thurlbear and a Few More Ticks

I popped over the border into Somerset this afternoon, my destination was Thurlbear Quarrylands and my target species was Duke of Burgundy. I saw two male Dukes along with numerous Grizzled Skippers and a single Dingy Skipper, all firsts for the year.  Nightingales were singing periodically too even though it was full sun, which was nice!

This male Duke of Burgundy had a couple of marks (scratches) on his wings which easily distinguished him from this male...

Dingy Skipper

Grizzled Skipper

Back on Wednesday last week I got a patch year-tick (which I was sure I'd missed my chance of getting when I didn't see the one that was on Colyford Marsh briefly one evening last month) when a pair of Garganey arrived on Black Hole Marsh late afternoon. Unfortunately I was at work and missed them showing well. I did see them though (and more importantly get a blurry  record shot of them) after work, when they were a bit too distant even for successful digiscoping. They ARE easily recognizable though.

No. 102 Garganey

I've been out on patch a lot since then but have only added two more birds to the photo list.

No. 103 Dunlin

No. 104 Coot

And to finish a few random bird photos...

Whimbrel on the estuary.... Some of you may want to look away now...

As of this evening there are three clutches of  Canada Goose goslings on Black Hole Marsh.

A brand new Moorhen.


What they thought was a private moment.

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