Sunday, 12 May 2013

Bonaparte's Gull at Topsham

Seeing as it's gone very quiet on patch, Bun and I drove over to the Exe in time for the falling tide at Topsham Recreation ground, this being when the Bonaparte's Gull frequents the area. We were bang on time and the gull was loafing about on the far bank with its 'best mate' a first summer Little Gull. It was a bit too distant for my long lens and I hadn't taken my scope along so I took a couple of photos with the super-zoom thus...

Bonaparte's Gull and first summer Little Gull.

Salubrious surroundings too!

After a while the gulls moved to the centre of the river and began to quarrel a bit over an island that was emerging as the tide fell, obviously wanting to be the first to get at any worms which were slow in returning to their burrows. This was much nearer to our vantage point and I was now able to get some shots with the long lens. There was a bit of flying around too allowing or a few flight shots as well. We had some fantastic views of what was only the second Bonaparte's Gull either of us had seen and the first adult. In full breeding plumage too!

Little Gull

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