Thursday, 9 May 2013


This morning I got up and decided that what would be nice before breakfast would be...To take a quick trip over to the outskirts of Lyme Regis, park in a small car park and (without even having to leave the car) get crippling views of a Hoopoe. Which is exactly what I did! Not quite on patch, so it can't go on the photo-list but I couldn't care less really. Only my forth ever Hoopoe and my best photos of one by miles!!

It was certainly finding plenty to eat.
Here it appears to be extracting a woodlouse from its armour.

 Now you see the leatherjacket...

Now you don't.


JRandSue said...

Well done Karen,best Hoopoe images.
super set.

Alrewas Birder said...

Staggering photos of the Hoopoe from a fellow Burtonian

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks John :-)

Hi Stuart, Nice to hear from another fellow Burtonian blogger,and thanks for your kind comment too :-)

Lou Mary said...

Brilliant! One of my favourite birds! Only seen them once before, when I was in Portugal when I was about 6 and then my family friends found a new nickname for me... Loupoe!