Friday, 26 April 2013

Missing all the Excitement

At five o'clock this afternoon I was at work and so missed the highlight of the day ( no, NOT the Axe Wetlands barbecue ;-)) when a Montagu's Harrier put in a brief appearance. Would have been a nice patch tick for me but then so would a lot of things. I did get out birding this morning though and decided on Axe Cliff for a bit of a change. It was very windy and a bit on the cool side, but that's becoming par for the course this 'spring'. There were good numbers of migrants though and although I only had the time (and the energy) to cover the first couple of fields I saw 16 Wheatears, 3 Whitethroats and a female Redstart. On the way home I stopped at Coronation Corner where I was able to add Whimbrel to the patch photo year-list too.  It would be nice to add a Harrier sp. of some sort as they are rapidly becoming my bogey birds this year having missed two Hen Harriers, two Marsh Harriers and now a Monty's!


 No. 95 Whitethroat

No. 96 Whimbrel

The first Adder I've seen this year was in the usual spot.

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