Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Grey Plover

Since Gav found a Grey Plover on the estuary on Sunday I've been hoping to get a decent photo opportunity so as to to add it to my list, I've spotted it on a few occasions but it's always been too distant for photos. This morning I stopped at Coronation Corner just to see what was about and there it was right in front of the new viewing platform with three Ringed Plovers. I was going to digiscope it from the car but no sooner had I set my scope up than I saw a man walking his dog right along the edge of the river. "Typical!" I thought  as he walked right between the birds and the viewing platform "he's bound to flush them". He didn't though, amazingly they completely ignored him, which I took as my cue to approach the platform to get some photos.

No.79 Grey Plover

No.80 Ringed Plover

Also at Coronation Corner but already on the list were...


Black-tailed Godwit

And at Seaton Marshes late afternoon..

 The braced legs of this Wheatear may give a clue to the wind strength. 
He didn't hang around long although there were swarms of flies there this afternoon in the more sheltered spots, much appreciated by the Chiffchaffs, of which there were dozens....

..... doing what they do best!

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