Thursday 23 December 2010

Winter Thrushes

I popped over to Bun's today to take a look at all the Thrushes visiting his apple trees. While I was there I saw around fifty Blackbirds, a similar number of Redwings and about a dozen Fieldfare, with singles of Song Thrush and Mistle Thrush. I enjoyed watching and photographing them but with somewhat mixed feelings because it's a shame they're really beginning to struggle in the weather conditions. Good news is that there's a bit of a thaw forecast, so hopefully they'll be able to get back in the fields. From Sunday we are meant to be getting some southerly gales and on Monday the forecast temperature is set to reach the dizzy heights of 9 degrees!! Whoo hoo!!
 Feast of apples. I'd just arrived and flushed most of the birds when I took this snap. Once I'd crouched down behind my car they soon flooded in.
'Wall to wall' Thrushes!
Mostly these. But also these..
Three  in one.
I'm shown a clean......pair of heels! 

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