Tuesday 7 December 2010

Hoarfrost and Midday Sun

A very heavy hoarfrost had formed overnight and with freezing fog lingering for much of the day it hasn't thawed at all. It's the most picturesque hoarfrost I've seen since moving to Devon over 10 years ago. It's even formed on the beach which usually remains pretty much frost free. I ventured out to take a few photos and almost 'froze to death' on the beach, coldest I've ever known it! Amazingly most of these pictures were taken at or around midday! B-r-r-rrr!! I'm off for a bath to warm up a bit before I freeze again tonight at work!
It's hard to believe it isn't snow.
Hoarfrost on a Haw.
Looking over the harbour towards Seaton which is shrouded in freezing fog.
The midday sun!

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