Wednesday 8 December 2010

That Yellow Wagtail

Having had seriously bad views of the possible 'Eastern' Yellow Wagtail at Colyton 'Waste Water Treatment Works' on Sunday afternoon I was pleased to be able to get the chance to view it more closely this morning. Gav and I spent around an hour with it hoping to be able to record the call and possibly clinch the ID. It  quite regularly flew between two filter beds, especially as contractors were working in the close vicinity but unlike the Pied Wagtails which called constantly, it kept totally shtum. We were both able to get a few photos though. Because I was using my super-zoom camera to do the sound recording I had to try and digiscope the bird, not at all easy with such an active bird! I got a few interesting shots though. From a distance and from most of the photos I'd seen the bird looked very monochrome but close up in the flesh (or feather) there were traces of colour (well to my eyes at least). I could definitely make out a slight olive green tone especially noticeable on the rump and a very faint yellowish tinge to the side just above the vent and behind the leg on both sides. Also there appeared to be quite a distinct small yellow patch low down on the belly between the legs. The legs didn't strike me as noticeably longer than those of usual Yellow Wagtails. I don't pretend to know anything about the various races of Yellow Wagtail  these are just my observations. Interesting bird.
See the very faint yellow tint behind the leg or is it just me?
This looks pretty grey but close up there's an olive tint to the rump area.
 This was very noticeable in the field.
The top photo shows the bird's obvious bald patch and the yellow area between the legs, a feature which is  somewhat more visible in the bottom photo.
 It's either yellow feathers or the birds sat in an egg, or wee or paint or something!!

The obligatory short video.

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kirstallcreatures said...

Lovely pics of a super little bird Karen, especially pic 5. Linda