Monday 6 December 2010

Waxwings in Devon

Couldn't resist popping down to Bukfastleigh yesterday morning to see the two Waxwings that are feeding on Rowan berries outside the local co-operative store, which is conveniently right by the town centre carpark. Definitely my kind of birding in freezing weather. As soon as I'd parked the car we could see the birds but we did get out for a closer look.They were much less nervy than the ones we saw in Leek a couple of weeks back and I was able to digiscope them at reasonably close range. One of the birds was definitely an adult and probably a male but I'm not sure about the other one, possibly a first winter? On looking at my photos it appears to have pure white primary tips without any hint of yellow, not usual surely? Anyway take a look at these photos of it. After getting back on patch I popped over to Colyton Sewage Works to have a gander at the Eastern Yellow Wagtail, which I suspected wasn't going to be 'much to look at' after having just seen  a couple of gorgeous Waxwings. It wasn't. Pencilled in on the patch list though! Hopefully a patch Waxwing next.


Bryan Rains said...

Hi Karen - cracking bunch of shots there. The bird with the white in the wing is a first winter bird - possibly female. Check this link for more info...

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks for the link Bryan.

Great article

I hadn't managed to find any photos showing a bird with no yellow on the primaries. The one in this article is very similar indeed to the Bukfastleigh bird. Thanks again for your help :-)