Wednesday, 1 September 2010

White Storks

After three very early mornings in a row I had a little lie in this morning, only 'til half past seven mind. I had just gotten downstairs made a cuppa, and was almost totally compus mentis ( it usually takes at least a whole cup of tea before this state of conciousness is achieved) when my phone rang, it was Bun with the news I'd been hoping for - the two White Storks were still in a field near to Sutton Bingham Reservoir in Somerset,. There was no time to lose, White Stork would be a much longed for lifer for me so I abandoned most, but definitely not all of my tea, threw on some clothes (rather essential really) and sped off!  Fifty minutes later I arrived at the small twitch. I appeared to be the cause of much bemusement amongst several of the assembled birders. My helpful Sat Nav had directed me down what was a very narrow lane to begin with but what turned into an unmade track! I couldn't turn around because it was so narrow but thankfully it came out right at the birds. Good job my car is so tiny!

Anyway the birds were showing really well feeding on snails and froglets by the looks of things. I got a few nice photos and a video of one of them feeding too After about an hour, I was just going back to my car when they took flight.  They began circling for just long enough for me to fire up the super-zoom and get a photo before drifting off, high north. It was my f**** f**** birthday today and I couldn't have wished for a better present! :-). The present I was expecting didn't arrive in today's post but may arrive tomorrow, I'll show it to you if it does.
Synchronised walking.

Up, up and away!


Dean said...

Happy 55th birthday Karen ;-)

Karen Woolley said...

Thanks Dean. Lucky guess! =D