Monday, 6 September 2010

Big Is Beautiful!

I was out on Axe Cliff again late this morning, there were still a few birders looking for the Dotterel but the last of them went home when it started to persist it down. I however stayed on, along with my beloved Nikon ED82, hoping the bird would approach close enough for the gargantuan (but brilliant) scope to do its stuff. A couple of birders had  tried to approach the bird earlier and it had flown off, so the waiting game was going to be my tactic. We ( my beloved ED82 and me) nestled down in a soggy wet corner of the field and waited.... we got very wet. My camera and bins are not waterproof so I was going to have to take my chance quickly if it came. It came..

That's more like it, especially considering it was hammering it down with rain.
Did I mention how much I love my Nikon ED82?
ED50 - What's that?! ;-)

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