Wednesday, 8 September 2010

People Actually Pay For This?!

I visited Branscombe beach this morning, didn't see any birds of note, just a couple of Willow Warblers. Not long after arriving a large group of women walked (staggered) off the beach. They had come along from the Weston and Sidmouth direction, I guessed they'd walked/run all the way from Sidmouth, obviously training of some kind, I thought nothing more of it and went for a look along the beach. A few minutes later however, I heard men shouting at the top of their lungs. They were bawling at said women who were now having to run up the very steep coast path. When several of them had finished the gruelling circuit they were having a breather and a drink when a voice shouted " What do you think you're doing? Go round again!" 
This is the first circuit..
This hillside's steeper than it looks.
Most have given up running already, they looked knackered!
A very , very, very nice man.
On the back of his shirt it says Prestige Boot Camp.
 I couldn't believe these ladies were actually paying for this!

After the hill running they almost immediately began some boxing based circuit training. See how the instructor kindly photographs them while they slog their guts out! Before they commenced this exercise I saw one of them hiding behind the minibus wiping away her tears. Perhaps they were tears of joy? Perhaps she was thinking of the c.£1000 she'd paid? Or possibly not, you can buy a week at Prestige Boot Camp for someone as a gift!!! 

I took some video too, it starts with the ladies starting out on their second lap. I love the first line of encouragement -  " If you've got  the energy to moan about how hard it is then it's wasted energy"

I'm sure it's a 'life changing' and 'uplifting' experience and all that. Whatever floats your boat. Take a look at their website. Apparently for a similar amount of  readies you can get a week's workout just as tough as this one AND see some nice birds on a certain birding trip to the Ural Mountains You don't get yelled at by marines either. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

I can't imagine paying for such a horrible experience either, getting knackered out and sworn at by Marine PTIs. I've done that, when I was in the Royal Navy back in the late 1980s and it was hideous then - and I was being paid for it!