Monday, 13 September 2010

Harried Harrier

Today I have mostly been dipping Buff-breasted Sandpipers at Davidstow Airfield :-( This morning however I did see the Marsh Harrier that was found by Steve. I watched from the Farm Gate, from where I could see it trying its utmost to hunt along the river and reed beds. It was constantly harried by crows though and was forced to go to ground before eventually giving up and flying off northward.
Here's a photo challenge.Can you see the Marsh Harrier trying to hide in the long grass? I'm afraid the Crows had it surrounded though. It is there just to the right of the post.

The same scene with a bit less zoom so you can't see the Harrier, but what's that in the background? Yes, a naughty birder, standing on the bank, digiscoping a Barn Owl. Tsk!
Can't tell who it is?
 How about now?
A new addition to the 'Rouges Gallery of Naughty Birders'


Gavin Haig said...

Since he's come off the doughnuts, climbing small inclines has become possible for Steve. Soon it'll be fence-hopping, running, the lot!

Steve Waite said...

I'd like to point out I am not standing on the bank - I am actually standing on one of the concrete bridge supports... How's that for being nimble Gav? :-)