Thursday, 4 March 2010


I was out first thing (well, early-ish) this morning hoping to get a better look at the Whooper Swans but on reaching The Farm Gate and scanning over the marsh it was obvious they were gone. They hadn't joined the Swan flock at Musbury either because that had gone too. The Spoonbill was still there though and it appeared to actually be moving, so it is real after all! I went down to Colyford Common to get a closer view but by the time I arrived it was back in the usual position. The tide was rising quickly and I wasn't wearing wellies therefore I wouldn't have long here, so chances were I wouldn't be seeing it move again. Ian M. joined me after a short while and whilst we were looking at some Rock Pipits on the reserve they were flushed by a Merlin, which was my first on patch for well over a year now, I think. Amazingly the Spoonbill did decide to wake up again and it put on a bit of a show for us. No, really it did! Without even moving off the spot it entertained with its  full repertoire of contortions and an impression too!

"Good morning. For my first trick a quick impression"....

" Hang on, hang on, I just need to turn my head upside down first"...
..." Okay, I'm Ready"
"A Little Egret. Good eh? 
And for my 'piece de resistance' I shall turn my head, not only upside down but back to front as well, well sort of". 

" And next?...You all know this one.. I'll give you a clue, I'm really good at it"

"Yes. The Spoonbill"

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Great set of pics & commentary.