Thursday, 11 February 2010

Not What I Was Expecting

Whilst walking Rex along the River Coly this morning I saw a white blob. It was a fair way in the distance, in the water on a stretch of 'rapids' ( well, by River Coly standards anyway). I understandably  assumed I was looking at a Dipper, but I wasn't for when I lifted my bins for a better view I could see that  it was  in fact one of these....

 See! Obviously NOT a Dipper. Can't tell what it is?...
.... Have a stunning close up then.

 A Green Sandpiper.

I've seen a few of these along The Coly in the winter before but normally in the pools, backwaters and muddy margins. I've never seen one out in the fast flowing water like this. Still, you live and learn. I'd rather have seen an elusive River Coly  Dipper though! :-)

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