Sunday, 28 February 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun

Thiswill havetobe                      short                         coz mekeyboardhas     broke!                               The                spacebar is havingawobbler!!
(that's what it would all look like if I didn't painstakingly correct it all :-( )

Amazingly I actually stopped on patch today and got out and about twice. What fun! At Seaton Hole this morning the fun comprised of seeing one Black Redstart (female), getting my feet soaked by a rouge wave while (for some inexplicable reason) I was looking at a Great Crested Grebe through my bins. Then a couple of Herring Gulls got me with a flyby pooping!!

This afternoon's fun in pictures for obvious reasons:

Gav found this  sub-adult Yellow-legged Gull on the estuary. 
It was very nice. But I was soon distracted by this...

....Crummy old wader, apparently?

Our resident Gadwall, who thinks he's a gull!!
 I was just about to leave the riverside when I noticed him swimming toward the near bank, I stopped to get a photo but he was soon onto me, leaving me with the classic...

Bum view  :-(

At home this afternoon terror struck in the shape of this beast running into the garden and snaffling all the birdies' bread!!

Where's your trusty Jack Russell when you need him?
Oh yes, usual. 
The crafty rat tried to convince me that he was in fact a bird. How?
By flying off of course!! Really!....

Look, proof, It's airborne!  ;-)

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Wilma said...

Very entertaining post, Karen! In New York City (and other American cities) pigeons are called rats with wings; you may have documented the missing evolutionary link!